Registration of the Issuing Entity, Issuing and Distribution and Public Offers

Depositary Receipts (DRs)

Rule 317 dated 10.15.1999 (consolidated version) (up to Rule 342/00)
Provides for the registration, with the CVM, of Depositary Receipts - DRs programs for exchanging abroad.

Tender Offers for Stock Acquisition [Ofertas Públicas de Ações de Aquisição de Ações] - OPA

Rule 361 dated 03.05.2002
Provides for the procedure applicable to public offers for open capital company stock purchase, about the registration of public offers for stock purchase for open capital company registration cancellation, due to increase of controlling stockholder shares, due to control alienation of the open capital company, for the purchase of control of the open capital company when involving permute for securities, and of permute for securities.
AMENDED by Rule 436/06.

Public Offers of Securities Distribution

Rule 400 dated 12.29.2003
Provides for the distribution of public offers of securities in the primary and secondary markets.
AMENDED by Rule 429/06.

Rule 429 dated 03.22.2006
Institutes the automatic registration of public offers of securities distribution under the hypothesis it specifies.

Legal Opinion 005 dated 12.03.1979 Increase of capital. Hypothesis of issuing price diversity due to the diversity of stock types (species, classes or formats) to be issued by an corporation. "Justified Dilution" of the stockholders' stocks. Rationale of paragraph 1, article 170 of Law No. 6.404/76.

Legal Opinion 001 dated 09.27.1978
Rationale of Article 170, paragraph 1 of Law No. 6.404/76.

Confidential and preliminary analysis procedure for filing requests of securities' issuing and of corporations

Rule 315 dated 09.27.1999
Establishes the confidential and preliminary analysis procedure for filing requests of securities' issuing and public discretion of securities and of corporations under the conditions it specifies.
See Explanation Note 315/99.

Clause registration and standards in debentures

Rule 404 dated 02.13.2004
Provides for the simplified registration procedure and standards of clauses and conditions that must be adopted in the writing of debentures issuance destined to the negotiation in a special segment of exchange markets or organized over-the-counter market entities.