Market Professionals

Portfolio Management

Rule 306 dated 05.05.1999 (consolidated version) (up to Rule 364/02)
Provides for the securities portfolio management.

Self-employed investment agent

Rule 434 dated 06.22.2006
Provides for the practice of the self-employed investment agent.

Fiduciary Agent

Rule 028 dated 11.23.1983 (consolidated version) (up to Rule 123/90)
Provides for the professional practice of the debentures' fiduciary agent.
See Explanation Note 27/83.

Securities consultant

Rule 043 dated 03.05.1985
Establishes rules for the professional practice of Securities Consultant and Securities
Portfolio Manager respectively provided in paragraph 1 of article 6 "in fine" of CMN
Resolution No. 961/84 and paragraph 2 of article 15 of Rule 40/84.
See Rule 67/87, Rule 74/88, Rule 94/89 and Rule 130/90.
REVOKED by Rule 82/88, which reports to the securities portfolio management.

Securities Analyst

Rule 388 dated 04.30.2003 (consolidated version)
Provides for the professional practice of the Securities Analyst and establishes conditions for its practice.
See Rule 412/04 and Rule 430/06.