Administrative Procedure

Sanctioning Administrative Procedure

Resolution 457 dated 12.23.2002 (consolidated version) (up to Resolution 504/06)
Establishes the proceedings to be observed in the conducting of the sanctioning administrative procedures.

Legal Opinion 006 dated 04.28.1980
Administrative inquiry and procedure set forth by the CVM. Rationale of articles 1 and 2 of CMN Resolution No. 454/77.

Perspective from judicial records

Resolution 481 dated 04.29.2005
Provides for the granting of access to the files of administrative procedures of any nature initiated by the CVM.

Summary Proceeding

Rule 251 dated 06.14.1996 (consolidated version) (up to Rule 335/00)
Provides for the cases where summary proceedings apply as regards to administrative procedures.

Term of Commitment

Resolution 390 dated 05.08.2001 (consolidated version) (up to Resolution 486/05)
Provides for the signing of Term of Commitments and establishes other provisions.