Stock Exchange Market Operations & Organized Over-the-Counter Market Operations

Exchange Markets

Rule 122 dated 06.06.1990
Provides for the identification of final investors in Securities operations and supplies other provisions.

Rule 168 dated 12.23.1991 (consolidated version) (up to Rule 252/96)
Provides for operations subject to special procedures in the Stock Exchange Markets.

Rule 174 dated 02.06.1992 (consolidated version) (up to Rule 298/99)
Provides for the exchanges in selected stock portfolio Exchange Markets.

Rule 312 dated 08.13.1999
Provides for the admission to securities exchanges in the Stock Exchange Markets.

Rule 330 dated 03.17.2000
Provides for the exchanging, in the Stock Exchange Markets, of stock Subscription Receipts issued by corporations when there is simultaneous distribution in Brazil and abroad.

Rule 379 dated 11.12.2002
Provides for the obligation of information to the CVM on operations with securities, through the Stock Exchange Markets, through commodities- and future markets, through organized over-the-counter market entities and through the compensation and clearing- chamber operations with securities.

Rule 380 dated 12.23.2002
Establishes rules and procedures to be respected in the operations carried out in the stock exchange markets and organized over-the-counter markets through a worldwide network of computers and supplies other provisions.

Rule 384 dated 03.17.2003
Provides for the activity of the market fomenter for securities in the Stock Exchange Markets or Organized Over-the-counter Markets.

Rule 387 dated 04.28.2003 (consolidated version) (up to Rule 437/06)
Establishes rules and procedures to be respected in the operations carried out with securities in tradings and in electronic exchange and registration systems in exchange markets and commodities- and futures markets and supplies other provisions.

Rule 419 dated 05.02.2005
Provides for the registration of non-resident investors.

Artificial demand, supply and securities price conditions and non-equitable practices

Rule 008 dated 10.08.1979
Provides for artificial demand, supply or securities price conditions, handling of prices, fraud operations and non-equitable practices.

Resolution 014 dated 12.23.1983
Declares that the operations considered legitimate in the options market and in future markets cannot be misconstrued with exchanges made in those markets purposing to generate profit or loss.

Resolution 443 dated 07.16.2002
Use, by those participating in the securities market, of research of public opinion related to elections or candidates, for the awareness of the public.

Margin Account

Rule 051 dated 06.09.1986
Provides for the Margin Account operations and supplies other provisions.
See Rule 71/87.
See CMN Resolution No. 1133/86.


Rule 089 dated 11.08.1988 (consolidated version)
Provides for the authorization for the service provision of written stocks, custody of securities and issuing certificates agent.
See Law No.6385/76;
See Law No. 6404 /76.
AMENDED by Rule 212/94;
AMENDED by Rule 261/97.

Rule 115 dated 04.11.1990
Provides for the service provision of fungible custody of nominative stocks.
See CMN Resolution 1656/89.
See Law No. 6385/76;
See Law No. 6404/76.

Rule 310 dated 07.09.1999
Provides for the custodian and sub-custodian of securities obligations and the obligations of intermediary financial institutions (sub-custodians) that, through contract with the custodian institution, perform custody services for its clients.

Stock loans and other securities

Rule 249 dated 04.11.1996 (consolidated version)
Regulates the stock loans by clearing-, registration and stock custody service provider entities.

Resolution 471 dated 07.23.2004
Provides for the PIBB - Bovespa Brazil Index Papers [Papéis de Índice Brasil Bovespa] loans, registered for exchanging in the exchange market, through its equivalency to stocks for that purpose.

Non-resident Investors

Rule 419 dated 05.02.2005
Provides for the registration of non-resident investors, amends and adds precept to Rule 387/03, and adds precepts to Rule 325/00.
See Rule 421/05.
See Rule 425/05.

Organized Over-the-counter Market

Rule 243 dated 03.01.1996 (consolidated version) (up to Rule 440/06).
Disciplines the operation of the organized over-the-counter market.

Future Clearing- Markets

Rule 283 dated 07.10.1998
Provides for the future clearing- markets.

Exchange suspension

Rule 297 dated 12.18.1998
Provides for rules and procedures related to the exchange suspension of securities in the secondary markets.

Securities exchanges through the Internet

Legal Opinion 033 dated 09.30.2005
Intermediation of operations and offerings of securities issued and granted to exchanging in other jurisdictions.

Legal Opinion032 dated 09.30.2005
Use of the Internet in securities offers and in the intermediation of operations.