Abuse of control power

Rule 323 dated 01.14.2000
Defines hypothesis of the abusive practice of controling power and of severe violation.

General Assembly

Rule 341 dated 07.13.2000
Provides for the announcement of the General Assembly's convening.

Rule 372 dated 06.28.2002
Provides for the postponement of the General Assembly and the interruption of the fluency of its convening due date.

Legal Opinion 034 dated 08.18.2006
Impeding of vote in cases that present particular benefit in incorporation operations and stock incorporations in which different values are attributed for the stocks issuance from the company involved in the operation, according to its type, class or ownership. Interpretation of paragraph 1 of article 115 of Law No. 6.404/76.

Tax Council

Legal Opinion 019 dated 05.09.1990
Rationale of article 161, paragraph 4, letter "a" of Law No. 6.404/76, which deals with the rules for the incorporation of the Statutory Inspection Council.

Rule 324 dated 01.14.2000
Establishes a scale, as regards to the share capital, for the reduction of the minimum percentage of stockholder participation, necessary to file a request for the establishment of acorporation's Statutory Inspection Council, provided for in the second paragraph of article 161 of Law No. 6.404, dated December 15th, 1976.

Announcement of material information and information on the trading of securities

Rule 358 dated 01.03.2002 (consolidated version) (up to Rule 369/02)
Provides for the announcement and use of material information related to corporations; disciplines the announcement of information on the trading of securities and on the acquisition of significant amount of shares issued by a corporation; establishes sealing and conditions for the trading corporation's shares in the imminence of material information yet to be announced to the market.

Incorporation, merger and scission involving corporations

Rule 319 dated 12.03.1999 (consolidated version) (up to Rule 349/01)
Provides for the incorporation, merger and scission operations involving corporations.

Registration, suspension and cancellation of corporations

Rule 202 dated 12.03.1993 (consolidated version) (up to Rule 373/02)
Provides for the registration of the company for negotiation of its securities in the stock exchanges market or in the over-the-counter market.

Rule 287 dated 08.07.1998 (consolidated version) (up to Rule 294/98)
Provides for the suspension and the cancellation of the registration "ex officio" of corporations.

Rule 361 dated 03.05.2002
Provides for the proceedings used in tender offers for the shares of corporations, for the registration of tender offers for the shares of corporations, which file for cancellation, due to increase of controlling stockholder shares, due to control alienation of the corporation, for the purchase of control of the corporation when involving permute for securities, and of permute for securities. See Instruction 436/06.