Multilateral cooperation agreements

Declaration of Windsor (1995)

The CVM is signatory of this Declaration, signed by the regulating bodies of 16 countries, responsible for the supervision of the main derivatives markets in the world. Those regulating bodies met in Windsor (United Kingdom) on May 1995 to evaluate the consequences of the increment of the international activities upon the derivatives markets. As a result of the meeting, there came the Declaration of Windsor, which purposes the international cooperation and exchange of information between the signatory countries to improve the regulation and supervision standards of the futures markets, in a way to minimize systemic risk and promote investor protection.

Declaration of Boca Raton (1996):

The CVM endorsed the Declaration of Boca Raton (Declaration on cooperation and supervision of international futures markets and clearing· organizations), a parallel declaration to a memoranda of understanding signed among more than 50 futures markets in the world, in which the regulating bodies endorsed the memorandum, which in turn purposes to ease and strengthen the information exchange amongst the parties. Regulating bodies from the following countries signed it: the USA, England, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungry, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, Holland, Portugal, Singapore, South Africa, Spain and Sweden.