Brazilian economic numbers and statistics

Central Bank of Brazil

Created on 12/31/1964, it is part of the National Financial System, exerting the function of monetary authority of the country. In the Central Bank's website, we find information about the country's economy: monetary policy, information about currency exchange, national financial system and the Brazilian payments system, besides many publications such as reports, bulletins and manuals. The website also stores a database with updated series about the economic activity, market expectation, credit indicators, financial market, capital market, foreign sector, international market, monetary indicators and public finances.

Brazilian Geography and Statistics Institute [Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística] - IBGE

It holds as its mission to supply information about Brazil for the knowledge and awareness of its reality. It was created in 1936 and is subordinate to the Department of Planning, Budget and Management. The website possesses indicators about national accounts, farming and cattle raising sector, industry, trade and services, price indexes, employment and income. It is also possible to find geographical information and social indicators and demographic census.

Applied Economic Research Institute [Instituto de Pesquisa Econômica Aplicada] - IPEA

It works conjointly with other bodies and institutions for the production of studies, research and data related to the economic area. In IPEA's website, we find its main database, the IPEA-data, with macroeconomic and financial data organized into 7000 updated historical series. The main themes are population, employment, wages and income, production, consumption and sales, national accounts, public finances, price indexes, interests, currencies, balance of payments and international economy.

National Treasury Office

Created on 03/10/1986, it constitutes the main body of the Federal Finance Administration System and of the Federal Accounting System. Since 2004, it has been also responsible for activities (issuing and implementation) related to foreign treasury bonds, taking up the role of managing the foreign debt. The data found in its website include the National Treasury result, public debt, General Government, data about States and Municipalities, financial programming, expenditures with personnel (budgetary execution) and Governmental accounting.

Securities and Exchange Commission [Comissão de Valores Mobiliários] - CVM

Created in 1976, with the function to bring discipline to the securities market and to follow up the operation of open capital companies, investors and intermediaries, possessing inspection power upon the entities mentioned above. In its institutional website, one may find: regulation, rulings, Collegiate decisions, information about open capital companies and their financial statements, historical series about the issuing of securities and varied data about the investment funds industry.

Superintendence of Private Insurance [Superintendência de Seguros Privados] - SUSEP

It is the body responsible for inspecting the insurance, social security, collection and reinsurance markets. It is an autarchy linked to the Department of Finance created on 11/21/1966. In the SUSEP's website, we will find information about insurances, open supplementary social security and capitalization. The website also stores a statistical database, the SUSEP's Statistics System [Sistema de Estatísticas da SUSEP] - SES, which purposes to supply statistical data related to the markets supervised by SUSEP (insurances, insurance companies, capitalization, PGBL and social security).

Superintendence of Complementary Pension - PREVIC

Previc is a government entity responsible for the oversight and supervision of the activities of pension funds. It is subordinated to the Ministry of Social Security and periodically publishes statistical reports about the sector.